The Power Of Promotional Products

9 May 2023

If you haven’t made space in your marketing budget for promotional projects, you could be missing out on a crucial opportunity to grow your business. There is no promotional tool quite so powerful. Well chosen promotional products are a tried-and-tested way to reach a new audience, boost your brand visibility, and gain loyal customers. Not convinced? These 5 reasons to get on board with promotional products should change your mind.

  1. Draw much-needed attention at trade shows. Trade shows can be bustling, crowded and over-saturated with brands trying to make a name for themselves. The truth is, everyone loves a good freebie. Offer something for free and you’ll immediately grab the attention of customers who may have passed your stall by otherwise.
  2. Their long shelf life. While a radio advert comes and goes, a promotional product has genuine staying power. Even a free pen with your business’ branding on the side will offer lasting exposure at minimal cost to your company. The pen is bound to reach plenty of different eyes, constantly reminding potential customers of your existence and giving your brand a place in their everyday experiences. A t-shirt works even more successfully in boosting your brand’s public exposure – just think how many different people will walk past your customer wearing your brand name in the street and subconsciously take in the information.
  3. Enhance your brand image. The quality of the promotional products you choose to give away will say a lot about your stance as a business. High quality products create the impression of a strong business with plenty to offer their clients. The better quality the product is, the more professional your brand will appear.
  4. Generate more sales. While the promotional product you give to your customers or interested people at trade shows may be free, they’re sure to generate additional sales for your business. Free promotional products automatically create a positive association with your brand in the customer’s mind, encouraging them to do more business with you in the future.
  5. Encourage brand interaction. Getting your customers to engage with your brand on a regular basis is a key way to build loyalty and secure a lasting business relationship. Promotional products are a great way to make this happen. They give your customer the opportunity to interact with your brand on a daily basis, whether it’s wearing your comfortable t-shirt to the gym or using your USB stick to store their work. This kind of engagement is truly priceless. Offer opportunities for customers to experience your brand via promotional product used in conjunction with your business. Custom Printed Coasters that act as a bottle opener are a perfect example of how bars, events and club are showcasing their brand with a useable clever promotional item.