Think Outside The Box By Using Gift And Pillow Boxes Instead Of Tote Bags

9 May 2023

Escape the mundane and surprise your customers with branded gift or pillow boxes at the checkout. Do away with conventional tote bags and replace them with something unexpected. Abandon routine and give your brand a more prestigious feel. Suitable for a wide range of products – from jewellery and cosmetics, to larger capacity retail items, such as clothing, groceries and office supplies – gift boxes are the new fashion to make a brand statement for your business.

We, as the general public, are inundated with bags – grocery bags, shopping bags, promotional bags. Yes, bags can be useful but not when you’re overrun. Why not take a different approach? How many retailers supply you with a promotional gift box at the point of purchase? Stand out by delivering something different; something that your customers want to hold onto. In an age where recycling and repurposing is on trend, give your customers or clients something with which they can do just that! Promotional tote bags are a notion of the past; hit the new age with branded gift or pillow boxes!

Gift boxes are ideal to repurpose for organisation and storage in your home, study or office. Small boxes have potential across your living and work spaces. Customers can repurpose small gift boxes in the bedroom to hold jewellery, trinkets and miscellaneous items; in the bathroom to contain hair pins, hair elastics, cotton balls and cotton buds; in the kitchen or pantry to store rubber bands, toothpicks, twist ties or tea bags; or in the office to organise pens and pencils, paper clips, thumb tacks, post-it notes or business cards.

Larger boxes can be recycled to house brushes and combs, make-up and shaving supplies in the bathroom; cleaning supplies, sponges and rags in the laundry; socks, scarves and gloves in the bedroom; penicils, crayons, arts and crafts and small toys for the kids; and photos, greeting cards, CD and DVD storage in the living room. Environmentally friendly and perfect for reuse, make a statement that will last with promotional boxes.

EziTag provide a variety of gift and pillow boxes in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your business, each item labelled and branded to your liking. Whether matte or gloss, your business will make a mark with your special signature receptacle. Check out the range available and order online today.