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Retractable Reels

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The handy retractable badge holder is a must for those people on the move that require quick access to their staff ID and badges. Its the perfect way to ensure your team members can wear their identification tags without it getting in the way of the job at hand. For convenience and ease of use, take a look at our complete collection of retractable ID card holders.

Some people find lanyards can get in the way when staff are asked to wear them around their necks. When you have to use your staff ID to open doors and access different areas, it can be a little annoying either removing your lanyard or bobbing down to put your neck at the height of the card swipe. This is why people opt for retractable badge holders. You can pin your ID in a visible place and move it when you need to without wasting any time.


Have you ever thought of a photo retractable badge holder as a promotional tool? At EziTag, we like to think outside of the box when it comes to representing your brand. Whether you are using your reels for identification purposes, or giving them away at a conference, you have an opportunity to enhance the image of your brand.

In terms of ID, retractable reels present an opportunity to make sure your company logo is visible. You can do this by printing your logo on the oval section of the reel. This will help people easily identify who belongs to which team and who should have access to different areas.

EziTag has a small but quality range of the best retractable reels available and heaps of colours and styles. Ask about which reels are available locally if you need something fast.