Eco Friendly Lanyards

Eco Friendly Lanyards

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At EziTag, we make sure we have the right products to suit your business or event. For the environmentally conscious customer, take a look at this range of premium lanyards made from sustainably sourced materials.

Our Eco Friendly Lanyards will ensure you do your bit for the environment using recycled products or sustainable resources. Choose from PET fabric, cotton or even bamboo lanyards with custom print options. Shop the full range now and get in touch if you have any questions.


Why is bamboo an environmentally friendly solution? It is a renewable material and bamboo forests can be grown in just a few short years, replenishing your supply. It is also much easier to break down than plastic alternatives that will ultimately end up in landfill for years to come. These eco friendly lanyards are durable and strong — the perfect material to carry your ID, access cards, or keys.


Cotton is another environmentally friendly and sustainable resource that is great for making lanyards. Cotton is fibre that has been popular in the textile industry for many years. It is biodegradable and naturally hypoallergenic — perfect for those with sensitive skin. If you’re looking for eco friendly lanyards for your entire business, this is a great option that will keep everyone happy.


Give your plastic waste a second life with a recycled PET solution. Polyester is one of the world’s most popular garment materials — but it isn’t environmentally friendly. Recycled PET fabric came to be when scientists decided to melt down plastic and spin it into brand-new, guilt-free polyester. This stops plastics going into landfill and the ocean and keeps them around your neck.

Minimise your environmental impact with EziTag. Contact us now for a quote and a delivery estimate. We can fulfil any custom printed solution for you.