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We are serious about our name tags and our latest Eco friendly name tags that do not require a PVC pocket are and amazing value. Need fast name tags ready to wear? We are only too happy to assist as we have been supplying name tag products for over 25 years.

At EziTag, we cater for every client. For people who need a sustainable name tag solution, we have a whole collection of environmentally friendly name tags. Reduce your environmental impact and still have access to premium quality paper and gloss tags that do not require a pocket.

Each one of our eco friendly conference name badges are available in different paper stock, sizes, and colours. Rest assured that our paper tags are made out of sturdy “never tear” stock that is made to last. This fantastic card stock makes the plastic pocket redundant.

At EziTag, we do what we can to make our business (and your business) more eco friendly. That’s why we stock our sustainable name tags. This range of tags is better for the environment for a couple of reasons. The first part we’ve mentioned — there is no need for a flimsy plastic pocket that will end up in the bin. The second part is durability. Our eco friendly name tags are made to last. They can be used over and over again without damage. This is particularly important for staff name badges that are worn every day. You need something that you don’t have to replace every week and add to landfill.


Add your own design to our name tags and get an eco friendly design that is perfect for your needs. Logos, names, and any other information can be pre-printed for your convenience. This is perfect for conferences, events, large and small businesses. Contact us now to get a quote.