Benefits of Wearing Name Tags at Work

21 April 2023

Investing in printed name tags might seem like a no brainer, but surprisingly, many businesses still don’t use identification badges. Just in case you’re on the fence about wearing name tags at work, we’ve put together a list of reasons why they are a fantastic addition.

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Employee name tags can help your business in a variety of ways. The following reasons are just some of the ways identification tags can benefit your organisation.

Customer Relations

If your work is based in the service industry, or deals with clients face to face, name tags are essential.

Firstly, having a visible name tag can make your business appear friendly and welcoming. There is transparency and clarity around who you are talking with. Customers often feel more comfortable approaching someone with a name tag. Knowing the name of the employee can help the client feel like they are having a genuine interaction with your business.

Secondly, name tags help to manage complaints and compliments. If your clients have feedback about a certain employee, they can be easily identified.

Interpersonal Communication

Wearing name tags at work will help to eliminate any awkward moments where employees forget each others names.

Especially in larger organisations, it can be difficult to remember everyone’s name. It doesn’t look good when a manger forgets a name, and it doesn’t feel good when your name is forgotten. You can stop the chances of someone being offended with a firm name tag policy in your workplace.

You can even create custom tags with the employee name, department, and/or job title to completely eliminate any confusion.

Company Brand

Making sure each employee has a tag with a company logo will promote a consistent image for your brand. There will be no confusion about which company your clients are dealing with, and you get additional reinforcement of your brand logo (whether the customer realises it or not). It looks professional and sends a clear message.

Increased Security

Safety is important in every business, so preventing trouble makers from taking advantage of your customers should be a priority. If all of your employees are wearing name tags at work, it is easier to identify intruders.

Again, this is even more important in large companies with a lot of employees. A quick look for a tag is a simple way to know if someone is in an area where they shouldn’t be.

Customers can also rest easy knowing that they can approach anyone wearing a tag instead of trying to guess who might work for you.

Versatile Identification Tool

Name tags might seem like a ‘one size fits all’ product but they can be customised to suit any business. If you need a name tag that also doubles as an access card to your building, we can do it. If you need company logos, pins, or protective casing, we have you covered. There are many ways your name tags can be designed to assist your unique organisation.

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