5 Tips For Customising Wristbands

17 April 2023

Why are people customising wristbands for events?

A unique wristband can improve your event in a variety of ways:

– Guests will know that effort has been put into this function. Custom wristbands will help you increase the perception that this is a quality event.

– No confusion about branding. The right brand will be front and centre on the day.

– Additional promotion. As we stated earlier, you get promotion on the day, and any day that your guests wear your wristband after the event is a bonus.

– Event management. Do you need a variety of wristbands to help with identification? By customising wristbands for different access areas, you can easily manage the people at your event without any hiccups. This might include staff bands, volunteer bands, and 18 plus bands.

– Wristbands with a message. Is there something you want to convey to your event patrons? You can put any message you like around the arm of every guest.

A well designed wristband is often kept as a souvenir of a memorable event. If you want to make sure your wristband makes an impact, follow our customisation tips.

Expert Advice for Customising Wristbands

At EziTag, we are conference supply experts. We have years of experience customising and supplying wristbands to a variety of events. We know what works. For more advice about what you need for your specific event, contact us today.

In the meantime, take a look at our top tips.

1. Contrasting Colours 

To make sure your branding is as visible as possible, choose contrasting colours for your logo and the colour of the band. This will make your logo pop. When you’re choosing your colours, try and stick with the theme of your event. If you know that there are recurring colours used in the decorations at your event, consider using them.

You might also consider using colours that are associated with your brand to help drive your promotional message.

2. Choosing Materials 

When you order wristbands online with EziTag, you can choose from a variety of materials. Choosing the right material for your event will help with the success of your custom band.

Tyveks are really popular at music festivals, but they have a shorter lifetime than other options. They are a fantastic choice if you want to print an elaborate graphic design on your band. This type of wristband will allow you to send your message with the clearest picture.

Silicone wristbands are much more durable, but slightly more limited when it comes to design. These are best for written messages and business logos.

Woven wristbands offer the best of both worlds. They are durable and stylish – often worn after an event is over. They can be customised with images, text, and logos.

3. Timing is Everything 

If you’re thinking about customising wristbands for your next event, you need to make sure you have left enough time for the manufacturing and shipping process. Made to order wristbands do take more time than stock wristbands, so you need to consider the extra waiting time. To get an idea of the waiting time, contact us for a quote.

4. Double Sided Design 

Consider ordering a reversible design (with a message printed on both the inner, and outer sides of your wristband). This way you will have enough room for all of your imagery, messages, and branding.

5. Consider Extra Features 

Many of our wristband products can be printed with additional barcodes, metallic links, micro-text and more. Consider all of your event requirements and contact us to see what options we can add to make wristbands perfect.