Send A Clear Message When Choosing Your Conference Bag Or Satchel.

9 May 2023

Tips to Choose Your Conference Bag or Satchel

When ordering promotional material for conferences, many businesses fail to understand the marketing potential that the opportunity poses. Giving your attendees a gift featuring your promotional material is a great chance to send a clear message about your business.

Statement. Aside from your work attire, the bag or satchel you carry is the biggest statement you can make upon first impression in business. Equally so when issuing conference attendees with a gift bag or satchel. How you present the conference material conveys significant detail about your professionalism and brand personality. When selecting promotional material for a conference, choose a bag or satchel that accurately reflects the character of your business.

Size. This is simple but often misjudged. The bag or satchel you choose must be large enough to hold the content you wish to deliver to your attendees. Likewise, you don’t want the enclosed content to be swimming in unnecessary space. The ideal size for your conference bag or satchel will allow enough room for the material presented within the bag and extra space for attendees to store notes and material collected throughout the conference.

Functionality. You want your promotional bag to be functional enough to encourage people to continue to use it after the conference. Choose your bag or satchel based on your attendees, thinking about how they would best get use out of your gift in the future. Taking note of the bag’s practical features, such as carrying style — organisational aspects and durability — and tailoring those to the potential needs of your attendees is key.

Environmental Considerations. Does your brand have a stance on environmental concerns? You may like to choose an environmentally friendly option and display your support for our planet Earth as another branding tactic.

Style. Similarly, you’ll want to consider an underlying touch of flair. Choose a style that will be appropriate and attractive to your attendees. Ultimately, if your attendees like the look of your gift, they are more likely to re-purpose the bag in the future, sending your brand message out to the general public beyond the conference.

Branding. Select the best branding option for your business. Placement, colour and size of your logo all play a major role in brand retention and awareness, so ensure that your conference gift exhibits the branding statement you want to send in the way most appropriately suited to your business.