30+ Years Providing Quality Products for Conference and Events

8 November 2023

Curious about the reasons for choosing EziTag?
Today, we’re switching things up in our blog to give you a deeper insight into who we are!

EziTag is all about fostering effective communication. If you have any lingering questions after reading this post, don’t hesitate to reach out and share how we can enhance your experience. But for now, let’s delve into our story and offerings.

The EziTag Journey

EziTag proudly represents an Australian-owned business that originated in Melbourne in 1990. Over the years, we have honed our expertise in becoming a premium supplier of conference and event essentials. Clients choose us time and again because we’re seasoned professionals who understand the industry. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality branded merchandise with a swift turnaround and a hassle-free process.

Our Proficiency at EziTag

Our primary goal is to ensure your events run seamlessly. That’s why we maintain a comprehensive inventory of supplies that cater to your promotional and security needs. We’re dedicated to providing premium quality across our product range, all while offering competitive prices.


Our wristbands are the ideal solution for all your security and branding requirements. You’ll spot our high-quality wristbands at festivals, parties, clubs, and conferences throughout Australia. They serve as a testament to the caliber of our products in action.


Whether you need unprinted or customized lanyards, look no further. Lanyards are a perfect fusion of functionality and style, serving as exceptional tools for identification. You’ll find them at conferences, schools, hospitals, and various events. Plus, there’s a bonus: even after the event concludes, your brand continues to receive exposure as people use your lanyards for their keys.

Staff Badges

When you shop online with EziTag, you won’t have to settle for a plain plastic sticker. Explore our versatile range of staff badges, and you can obtain a custom badge that proudly represents your business. From DIY staff badges to epoxy resin name tags, ID holders, plastic staff badges, and retractable reels, we offer an extensive selection. Our badges range from attractive pins to plastic cards that can be printed with barcodes for dual security purposes.

Name Tags

Save yourself from confusion at your next event with our fantastic assortment of name tags. We offer tags in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the one that best suits your function and easily place an order online with EziTag. Additionally, explore our complete range of clips, attachments, printed and unprinted inserts, PVC pockets, neck wallets, ribbons, and display accessories, ensuring you have everything you need in one convenient place.

Promo Merchandise

Who doesn’t appreciate a freebie? Boost your brand’s visibility by gifting your guests with branded items. Whether you’re sponsoring an event, hosting a conference, or catering to corporate guests, we have the perfect gifts for you. Browse through our selection of promotional items, including badges, drinkware, keychains, lifestyle products, phone accessories, power banks, ribbons, stickers, USBs, and sporting goods.