The Rise Of Popularity For Silicone Wristbands

9 May 2023

Every business looks for unique marketing tools that are both subtle, and able to easily spread the basic information about their business. For many years now, charity companies have tapped into a revolutionary way to spread their message, and now it is time for businesses to get on board. Walking through the city centre, in your local supermarket or café, you will not doubt see at least one person wearing one of these little products around their wrists. Silicone wristbands in all their simple and unique glory have become an anomaly in the marketing world. How did such a simple method of marketing become so popular? Why do people like them so much?

The trend of silicone wristbands


Silicone Wristbands are the insanely easy and affordable way to spread your company through ‘word of mouth’, without people really saying anything. This fashionable and informal method of marketing is one that has proven to be extremely popular in exposing companies. They aren’t just a marketing tool, but a collector’s item. Many people opt to try and gather as many as they can and wear them at their leisure. With unique designs, colours and logos, there is a growing appeal to provide these at events, functions and generally around to employees. It is the smartest way for people to identify themselves with your business, and promote the service that a company can provide.

Lightweight in nature, durable and easy to use they are the affordable and trendy avenue for companies to explore marketing their services.

The History

First popping up in the 1980’s, they rose to their peak as a form of marketing in 2004 when cyclist Lance Armstrong partnered with Livestrong to raise awareness for cancer, they have grown to be the most popular form of raising awareness for different causes, businesses and services. Not only have they been used since then, but they have been seen all over the world. Whether it’s your favourite sporting team, musician, company, charity or just a random one picked up along the way, it is guaranteed that everyone has seen the popular accessory in their lifetime.

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