EziTag’s attendance tracking options helps you understand the delegates movements, increase ROI, create CPD reports and insights. We can deliver a range of options depending on your events requirements and registration software being used and can scale a solution to fit your event.


The main difference in our attendee tracking options are the method of scanning delegates. We offer an option to use your own mobile phone as the scanner or our purpose built handheld devices.

Delegate Track uses a purpose build device and attendee tracking software. These purpose build scanners allow conference staff to easily point and shoot name tags from a great distance without the need to hold the delegates name tag which is common when scanning with a mobile phone. Our bar code readers are fast which elimates long queues and keeps the flow of attendees moving.

Delegate Track records “which delegate went where” and so much more on our customised android portable scanner devices. It is easy to use and training is simple. The device scans without the need to push a button, we have designed it that way! You can eliminate lengthy waits at your check points. Remember to estimate the number of devices you need based on your events attendee numbers.


EziTag has partnered with Entegy to offer a larger range of solutions and conference technology.

Attendance Tracking offers real-time attendance management and insights. Enable immediate records of attendance for safety, catering, CPD, sponsored or mandatory sessions. Scan from your own device, create self scanning stations or allow attendees to self check-in. Generate, analyse and respond to statistics at any time. The important difference is you are using your own devices camera as the scanner. This option gives the flexibility of converting iPad and other devices into scanning stations.

EziEvents offers a range of products to streamline online registration and name tag printing, onsite check-in and reporting, and attendee tracking. DISCOVER EZIEVENTS